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Inspiring change with dynamic design in the battle against racism in Australian sporting clubs.

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The brief for Reflect Forward's business plan extended beyond aesthetics; it was about creating a visually compelling document that would engage a broad corporate audience while deepening their connection to the cause. Through dynamic photography, vibrant graphics, and intuitive layouts, we transformed a standard report into a catalyst for change, motivating readers to actively support Reflect Forward's crucial mission.


A critical aspect of this project was the careful selection of photography. Consistency in visual language and typography was essential, but equally important was the ability of each image to authentically convey Reflect Forward's message. 


This project illustrates how design and purpose can come together in a powerful way. The business plan isn't just a document; it's a call to action. 



Concept and information architecture, visual identity and branding, typography, graphic elements, layout and composition, stock photography sourcing and editing and finished artwork (print ready). 

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