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Against such a challenging and uncertain economic landscape, the time is right for your new brand to set strong and meaningful foundations. Do you know what it takes to build a beacon of quality and confidence shining a path directly to your business?

A road map for your new brand from initial ideas to successful launch.

Your brand is arguably one of the most important building blocks for your business, so it’s important to give it the time and attention it deserves. Not only does it give your product or service an identity, it helps your business stand out, encouraging consumer confidence especially during unstable and challenging economic periods. 


Building a brand that sells is so much more than designing a logo and aesthetically pleasing colour scheme. It’s about articulating brand values and promises, linking your brand to the customer's experience, and finding a voice that’s unique to you.

Knowing where to start is good. Knowing how to get there is better. Knowing what is important throughout the journey is best.   

If you’re starting out with a new brand, chances are you’ve got some pretty specific questions playing on your mind. Where do I start? What do I need? How much will it cost? How long will it take?


This is where, THE BUSINESS OF BUILDING BRANDS with Jim Petroutsos, comes in.

Jim Petroutsos Branding Consultant Design Studio Melbourne

Understanding how to spend the right money, on the right things, at the right time for the right outcomes.  

This consultation is designed to take you for a deep dive into the elements of brand development, helping you to define and understand your position in current markets, and how you want your brand to be perceived by customers. In other words, how to get things right from the very beginning.


2-hour consultation 
$390 + GST.

During the 2-hour consultation we’ll cover:


  1. Brand inspiration, positioning and articulation

  2. Prioritising and planning the essential brand elements

  3. Selecting the best professional creative support and services

  4. Surviving and thriving in the digital world

  5. Getting sales, wholesale and trade show ready

  6. Business and legal administration considerations

  7. Success after launch: the reality and the sales hustle


You’ll leave the session buzzing with energy, real insight and knowledge plus so many ideas to pour into your new brand to create a clear pathway to a successful launch.

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Find out what you don't know and fill the gaps before starting on your new brand.

Having spent over 20 years in retail, sales and design, and as a brand owner himself, there isn't much Jim Petroutsos hasn't seen and heard when it comes to building and managing brands.


Director of Melbourne-based creative agency C*JUICE Studio, Jim has collaborated with some of the city’s best photographers, designers and writers, applying skills in creative concept development, brand development, art direction, and product styling to bring his clients’ ideas to life.


In 2017 he stepped out from behind the scenes, conceptualising and founding his own national line of natural skincare. In doing so, Jim discovered that going through the process from a customer perspective allowed him to glean new insights, particularly around the legal and administrative aspects of launching a brand.


Learn from Jim's own missteps, research, professional experiences and successes before investing money and time into a new brand.

It’s this holistic view of brand design and development that sets Jim apart. He knows firsthand what is required to launch a successful brand and has created this 2-hour consultation session to share his expertise with you.

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Jim Petroutsos Branding Consultant Design Studio Melbourne

By making informed choices and navigating the tricky business of setting up a successful brand, you can stand well above the visual “white noise” of your competitors.

Need a little extra help? Follow up & personalised feedback session (Optional - 1 Hour) $190 + GST

Come up with a great idea following your consultation with Jim? Fantastic! Let’s talk about it.


The optional 1-hour follow-up session provides an opportunity for you to present and discuss your plans and ideas and be provided with relevant and specific feedback before you head out to market.


Ready to get started? More information and request a consultation BELOW.

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1. The Business of Building a Brand

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    $190 + GST

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