We look at a brand as a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for consumers' choices and behaviours.


From this relationship we build a brand's value. Every time the consumer interacts with your brand's touch points we create a positive and strong brand value. This in turn helps the consumer choose your brand over others, happily paying the asking price and more importantly, spreading the word and becoming an unofficial ambassador for your products, location or service.

We are in the business of communicating your story through graphics, imagery, colour and creative choices, making sure your brand is working hard for your success.

What we do well

Brand Strategy  •  Brand Positioning  •  Brand Consulting  •  Visual Identity Design  •  Brand Guidelines

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Right now we have unprecedented access to photography and photographic equipment, including smartphones and tablets. Because of this, professional photography is becoming even more important and relevant.


Most people can take a photo, however a professional photographer has the skills to repeatedly capture the essence of the story in a single image. 


Understanding and applying balance, composition, perspective, lighting, motion, texture, space, colour, form and creativity, photographers skilfully produce their images. We can elevate your brand, product, service, event, or story above the visual “chatter” with our experience behind the camera. 

Product Photography  •  Food Photography  •  Location Photography  •  Styling  •  Creative Direction


With increasing levels of visual content generation and an avalanche of imagery available, one thing remains true, engaging images attract attention and inturn, sell products and services.

Beautiful products, items, locations and even people don't always make for great images so with the help of an experienced stylist, your final images will have that level of interest and desire to push it through the "white noise".

With the careful use of props, composition and lighting, our stylist creates a story around your product or item. Using backgrounds, fabrics, objects, flora, accessories and other tools of the trade, we creating a cohesive look that reflects your brand ethos and business goals.

Product Styling (specialising in skincare, jewellery, objects, homewares and botanicals)  •  Food Styling



The art of illustration was once the pinnacle of graphic communication and the go-to for many businesses wanting to communicate their story to the masses. Even though its mainstream popularity has declined over the previous century, we are experiencing an illustration renaissance of sorts. 

We can add a new element to your design needs with smart, unique and well considered illustration. Creating a nostalgic feeling or a quirky and modern appeal, do not underestimate the power that illustration can bring to your design project.

Advertising  •  Displays and backgrounds  •  Character design  •  Book illustration  •  Editorial  •  Caricature


Taking the guidelines and ethos of your brand and working this visual ideal throughout all aspects of the business is the fundamentals of graphic design. It connects the brand with the every day business needs by creating tools and items that inspire, inform, and captivate your audience and consumers.


We create visuals that clearly show your brand's values and intent in every business interaction. Maintaining brand continuity while creating inspired designs for print, packaging and promotion. We can build on existing designs or bring your brand to life with something interesting and new.

Flyers and Brochures  •  Point of Sale  •  Trade Show Graphics  • Posters and Billboards  •  Books and Events